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Grant Call 5

Data & Technology:Independent Living & Future Care

Persons with disabilities (PwD) have traditionally faced challenges in living independently in Singapore.

They face obstacles in their daily lives and are a heterogeneous group, requiring different solutions to similar problems, e.g. life skills, types of support and assistance required while living alone, access to information and transport etc. This grant call seeks for projects which can contribute and support independent living of persons with disabilities; both in the immediate and long term.

What is independent living?

  • May not necessarily mean living alone
  • Having  access to housing, transport  and mobility, employment and training opportunities so PwDs are empowered  as far as possible
  • Being able to access necessary or relevant support, assistive devices etc so that PwDs can have some level of control to manage  task and activities, make choices and exercise some level of autonomy in their lives

Demographic profile

  • Increasing life expectancy: persons with disabilities will outlive parents / caregivers
  • Fast ageing population: challenge for parents of persons with disabilities to provide care
  • Declining natural population: less familial support for persons with disabilities


National Council of Social Service 2015 Quality Of Live (QOL) Survey


The WHOQOL framework examines quality of life of a person across six domains


  • Housing – including home modification, living spaces
  • Transport & Mobility, including accessibility to places
  • Health
  • Employment and Economic Wellbeing
  • Choice and Control – including information, support, advocates
  • Transitions to adulthood/ parenthood
  • Independent skills – life skills training, money and household management, social and communication skills, behaviour management
  • Support - with personal care, e.g. showering, dressing, domestic assistance around the home, where disability prevents things from being done


  • Living and community support structures which provide necessary support to facilitate independent living, eg, group homes, which assist with purchase of food, shopping etc for persons with disabilities.
  • Providing life skills and competencies to empower persons with disabilities (eg, cooking classes, financial planning and management, performing chores etc).
  • Technologies and devices that can empower persons with disabilities to make personal choices and to exercise some level of autonomy, e.g. information access, assistance and support for tasks and activities for daily living etc.

To read more, download the full grant call details in our downloads section.

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How to apply

The following diagram illustrates the application process.

Apply for grant flowchart
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    Before you apply

    Take note of the theme of the current grant call and its closing date. Attend the briefing session to learn about the grant application process and gather information on the grant call. Take note of the eligibility criteria and the project guidelines.

    Download the Application Form.

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    Read the details of the grant on SG Enable’s website carefully and ensure that your project fulfills all criteria listed on the website. Complete the Application Form and submit it to SG Enable via email to or post to 20 LengkokBahru, #02-06, Singapore 159053.

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    After you apply

    Upon receipt of your completed application form, Tote Board – Enabling Lives Initiative Grant Programme Office will send you an acknowledgement email. The Grant Programme Office may get in touch with you to better understand your project idea and your organisation.

    You may be requested to provide more information where necessary.

    If your project is shortlisted, you will be invited to meet up with the Grant Programme Office to further develop and refine your project ideas. All refined project proposals will be subjected to a review and evaluation by an independent Grant Evaluation Committee.

    If the application is successful, you will be informed and a letter of offer will be sent to you. All unsuccessful applicants will be informed accordingly.